Zgodbarjenje #3 – Življenje se začne v tridesetih

Hi, my name is Elena. Some of you probably already know me as I was leading the Jezikovne delavnice makedončine for Kliše in the month of April. This month I participated in another project for Kliše, called Storytelling (Zgodbarjenje).

Naturally I am a very talkative person so when I was told the idea about people telling their stories I immediately said yes. I have never considered myself a person with some life changing stories but in the several past years I made some life altering decisions, that being the case I thought to myself “this is my moment”.

I called my edition of storytelling Življenje se začne v tridesetih which is the name of a album title from a Macedonian band called Darkwood Dub. I listened to this album on loop while in the 10 day quarantine when coming to Slovenia. And in this quarantine I also had my 30th birthday which I celebrated alone but not lonely. My slovenian friends made sure to perk me up by arranging a delivery of cake and champaine to my doorstep.

On my edition of Storytelling I also told about my life in Macedonia, the work I did as a English teacher and the NGO named Organization of women of Sveti Nikole and the decision that ultimately put me on my path towards volunteering in Slovenia, with Slovenska Filantropija.

We had a very interesting discussion afterwards and I hope that I at least inspired some of the participants not to be afraid and take some brave steps for their future.

Until next time.