Macedonian language workshops

For the month of March three Wednesdays in a row I, Elena, an ESC volunteer coming from Macedonia, currently working on a project in Slovenska Filantropija in Maribor offices, did a language course in Macedonian for the KLIŠE members.

In order for you to start reading in Macedonian you need to learn the cyrillic alphabet. The kliše members proved that it is not very difficult and can be confusing with several letters, but the good thing is once you know the alphabet you actually know how to read everything in macedonian.

During the course we saw how similar our languages are and it’s very easy to be understood whenever you are in Slovenia or Macedonia. We did some basic intro into the language and mostly laughed about the mistakes I still make while trying to speak slovenian thanks to the false friends our languages have. False friends are words in different languages that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning.

For the last lesson I prepared a presentation for Macedonia in the aspect of interesting facts, pop culture, literature, movies, music…in an attempt to bring Macedonia even closer. I told them about the places they have to visit when they go south and actually I’m waiting for them to show them around.

Until next time,